Slip n Slide


Water fun for those partying in the sun

Occupancy 1 at a time
Height 48 inches
Weight Evenly distributed between occupants
Max Weight/total allowed inside inflatable: 400 pounds
Dimensions 40Lx10Wx12H

As the sun beats down on your backyard, the kids need a way to stay cool outdoors and keep the fun alive. Water slides for rent in Baltimore from the Bounce House Kings are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion in the summer heat. Over 40 feet long, this inflatable slip n slide is the ultimate backyard entertainment, giving kids endless hours of running and sliding on their bellies to the finish line. Parents might prefer the inflatable slip n slide to traditional slip n slides on the ground because it provides lots of padding when they make their slippery start to sliding on their stomach.

Setting up your inflatable slip n slide in Baltimore with Bounce House Kings is simple! Our team will deliver and blow up the equipment for you, as required by our insurance. The water slides for rent that we provide in Baltimore require at least 5 feet of space around the entire perimeter of the inflatable and 3.5 feet of space in all gateways where we’ll be carrying the equipment. Your inflatable slide rental is available for up to 12 hours, from 9 am to 9 pm.

The team at Bounce House Kings sanitizes each piece of inflatable equipment between uses, because we understand the importance of clean, kid-friendly inflatables for your event. If you’re interested in our water slides for rent, available in Westminster and the surrounding Baltimore communities, please visit our booking page or give us a call at (410)844-5893.

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